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Talk Like a Pirate?

I tell you…it’s hard to keep up with these official days. First, there was National Lighthouse Day which I missed (!) and now International Talk Like a Pirate Day is coming up on Saturday, September 19. Stede Bonnet would never

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And be it further enacted…

Can you believe I missed National Lighthouse Day? It was August 7, and I just…missed it. There’s really no good excuse. I love lighthouses. I’ve done a lot of research about lighthouses and, over the past eight years or so,

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The Clue at Price’s Creek is Out!

Sometimes it seems to take forever to get a book done. There are lots of reasons why—some good, some not so good—but at “THE END” the goal is to have a book that you like. And when I say “you,”

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Falling for the U.P.

Michigan has two parts to it. There’s the lower part that looks like a mitten, and then there’s the U.P. (That stands for Upper Peninsula, eh?) I spent the last week of October in Michigan’s wonderful Upper Peninsula…working. Did I

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Back to Work Monday

It’s the Monday after the Fourth of July and I’m back to work…or at least I should be. Sometimes my work is so fun that I forget that I’m still supposed to get it done. My mind keeps saying, “You

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Flying on the 4th!

Guess where I’m going on 4th of July? I’ll give you one clue. That’s right! I’m going to Copper Harbor, Michigan, and let me tell you‒THAT place knows how to do 4th of July! They have a parade in the

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Crossing the Cape Fear River

On a ferry boat! With lots of seagulls following us! (I tried to ignore them, but they kept squawking at me!) I was helping with research for The Clue at Price’s Creek, the next North Carolina Lighthouse Adventure by M.C.Tillson.

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