“Can I take it home?”

“Can I put my name in it?” “Is it mine to keep?”

It’s not a scientific survey by any means, but with these and some of the other questions I got while handing out copies of The Clue at Copper Harbor to third graders in Flint, Michigan, I’m going to deem Phase I of “The Muffin Project” a success.welcomect1

After visiting with several third-grade classes (and doing a whole-school assembly at Freeman Elementary) I am delighted to report that readers all over Flint are looking for clues and solving riddles with Sam and Becky as they visit lighthouses on Michigan’s Upper Peninsula. In addition to meeting some very excited students at Eisenhower, Neithercut, and Freeman Elementary Schools, I also made two good friends—Mrs. Queita Ferrington and Mrs. Jacquie Richardson—who made me feel right at home.ctinflushing1

I’ve got my fingers crossed that I can go back to Flint and maybe visit the students at other elementary schools. In the meantime, I’ve already started Becky and Sam on a new adventure right here in northern California! I wonder what will happen next?

Stay tuned…

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