Did you see who I met the other day?

Listening to a great storyteller.

Listening to a great storyteller at Eisenhower Elementary.

There I was, delivering my latest book to the library at Eisenhower Elementary School (my favorite elementary school in California!) and there she was—telling stories to the students. How lucky can you get?

Who was it? Why, Patricia Polacco, of course. Author and illustrator of some of the most beloved books in the world. My personal favorite is The Keeping Quilt—and guess what? She brought her keeping quilt with her to show to the students!

Patricia Polacco also brought a little piece of the meteor that fell on her grandparent’s farm in Union City, Michigan—the subject of her very first book, Meteor. She brings this magical rock to all her visits and lets students take a turn at making a wish.

Patricia Polacco books are all about what happens when people get together with people—with family, old friends, new friends, teachers, neighbors, and even strangers. Sounds like just the thing if you’re looking for something to read during the Thanksgiving holiday.

Patricia Polacco is an amazing woman and the story of her own life is CelesteandPatthe basis for the stories she tells and so richly illustrates in her books. I got a chance to talk with her a bit after all the students had returned to their classes, and she immediately made me feel as if we had been friends for a very long time. Patricia lives in Michigan and has family that she visits in Northern California. I certainly understand her attraction to both places! (Hmmm…do you think she might like to have a place to visit in North Carolina?)

On this Thanksgiving, be sure to say thank you to someone or for something you might otherwise overlook, and have a wonderful holiday!



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One comment on “Did you see who I met the other day?
  1. Susanna Routh says:

    One of my favorite authors! I read her books over and over during the years when I taught kindergarten! My favorite one to read was Thundercake and of course after reading we always had to make some delicious Thundercake to eat!

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