Back to Work Monday

It’s the Monday after the Fourth of July and I’m back to work…or at least I should be.

Sometimes my work is so fun that I forget that I’m still supposed to get it done. My mind keeps saying, “You better get to work now and stop playing around.” But the reality is that the “playing around” IS my work—although I’m learning not to call it playing around.

So what’s on the To Do list for today?

Well, I’m re-reading what should be the final draft for the next book in the North Carolina Lighthouse Adventures, The Clue at Price’s Creek (I really like it!); I’m finishing up my notes on the new puzzle book for The Mystery at Eagle Harbor; and I’m doing some of my technical writing work while sitting on the porch in Laurium, Michigan eating dried Michigan cherries and listening to the wind blow through the big oak and maple trees! (That last part is one of the many reasons I like what I do.)

I hope you’re having a good summer, and I hope you can find the fun in your work too.

Posted in Books, Michigan, North Carolina, Travels, Upper Peninsula

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