Too Long!

It’s been way too long since I wrote here. That’s one of the problems with doing too many things at once–you’re going to forget something. I think I need to make lists. Hmmm…maybe I’ll start now.

1. Tell people about the new puzzle books we have this summer for The Clue at Copper Harbor and Sam and Becky’s other Michigan Lighthouse Adventures.

2. Visit the aquarium at Fort Fisher so I can finish up The Clue at Price’s Creek.

3. Reorder The Mystery at Oak Island. (We’re almost out!)

4. Edit (again) my picture book about Ms. McNair.

5. Plan summer trips.

6. Visit Piney Grove Elementary School and sign books.

7. Make a list of all the lists I have!

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2 comments on “Too Long!
  1. Rachel says:

    We just finished reading The Mystery at Oak Island, and I have some fourth graders who cannot wait for the sequel to come out (and a teacher who is looking forward to it too)!

    • mctillson says:

      We’re getting closer! Mercy and I did some research while we were in North Carolina last month. Check out her blog! (She liked the seagulls!)

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